Bionix Premium Printed Yoga Mat 6mm Thick, Large Non Slip and Carry Bag - Excellent for Pilates/Exercise / Fitness/Gym / Camping/Workout Anti Tear Cushioned Floor Black/Purple / Green/Blue

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Take your yoga practice to another realm…

Every yoga journey is extremely unique and personal, but every practice does require the same few things: a sense of purpose, a desire to improve, and a mat that will support and aid your transitions and asanas.A good yoga mat should work with you to help with balance, energy and flow. Therefore, it is essential you pick the right one for you.

Time to Transform your Mind, Body and Soul
We want you to get the most out of every yoga session, so we have designed a premium print yoga mat that will help you achieve your exercise goals. It is slightly larger than most mats, at 68″ long and 24″ wide, so that you have plenty of space to move from pose-to-pose without slipping, tripping or stumbling.

We have chosen a high-density material that is durable and strong, ensuring support for even the most complicated of yoga flows. Our mats are superb quality and environmentally friendly, allowing for a completely holistic approach to your practice. Both sides have a non-slip surface, so that your mat remains in place throughout each session and your feet can easily grip the mat without the need for socks which could block your flow of energy.

And, of course, comfort is paramount, so our ¼” thick mats provide perfect support to your spine, hips, knees and elbows.


Moisture-resistant technology makes for the most hygienic of yoga mats. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed at the end of every session to refresh and clean your mat. You might even consider adding a drop of lavender oil to your mat, to refresh and invigorate your senses while moving through your asanas.

And when it comes to transportation and storage, our lightweight mats are easily rolled-up so they can stand to the side or in a cupboard until they are needed again. A convenient carry strap makes carrying it to the gym a breeze!

“A mind free from all disturbances is Yoga
✅ECO-FRIENDLY – Practice yoga with a clear conscience, as our mats are made with high-quality, durable materials that ensure a long lifetime of use and minimum impact on the environment.
✅SUPERIOR COMFORT – Our eco-friendly materials are also high density and thick, ensuring excellent support for your body while you perform a variety of yoga poses. When you complete your routine, enjoy a calming savasana while every part of your body is cradled in comfort.
✅NON-SLIP – Both sides of the mat have non-slip surfaces, so that the mat stays firmly in place while you balance with ease. This helps prevent injury and frustration while learning new positions.
✅EASY-TO-CLEAN – A quick wipe down after every session is all that is needed, thanks to the moisture-resistant technology incorporated into the design. This makes for a mat that is low-maintenance and super hygienic.
✅EASY-TO-CARRY – The mat features an additional strap to hold when the mat is rolled up. It is extremely lightweight too, so that it can be easily transported to the gym from home.✅ GUARANTEE 100% Risk Hassel Free 30 Days Return Policy ✅ NEXT DAY DELIVERY Fast same day or next day delivery for amazon prime customers

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