Do you know about Kriya Yoga?

What is Kriya Yoga?

Known throughout India and the world as a meditation technique, the Kriya Yoga was one of the ancient types of yoga that were kept hidden in secrecy for a number of years.

It was only made open to the public as one of the yoga practices when it was revived in 1861 by one of its practitioners, Mahavatar Babaji. This man taught the practice to one of his disciples, Lahiri Mahasaya who in turn made the Kriya Yoga widely known.

Kriya Yoga actually appear in the public as a yoga technique

The Kriya Yoga actually appear in the public as a yoga technique when another disciple of Babaji named, Paramhansa Yogananda published his book entitled “Autobiography of a Yogi”. It was also this man who first claimed that Kriya Yoga is the most effective type of meditation practice that was made available to mankind.

Kriya Yoga

According to him, the practice was developed to attain the main purpose of yoga, which is but union with the divine. The Kriya Technique On the most basic, the practice of Kriya Yoga embraces a technique that specifically highlights the bond between mind and breath.

This principle is maintained until now believing that breath influences the mind and vice versa. Thus, Kriya Yoga considered breath control as self-control, and the mastery of breath is the mastery of self. Well, it is for this belief that breathing is considered in this practice as an important element that people should consider. The Kriya Yoga techniques, aside from breathing, are centered significantly on promoting energy.

The Kriya Yoga Techniques

The postures are developed to open the spinal networks in the body for the spine to be energized. And, to help make this possible certain exercises that involve proper breathing is highly considered. It is further interesting to know that the technique involves in Kriya Yoga are practiced through a form of initiation.

The techniques are taught to beginners by an expert as simply a practice, but during the initiation, it is expected that the practitioner’s body will be purified then opening a chance for deep meditation. How to Become a Kriya Yogi Unlike the other types of yoga, Kriya Yoga has established its own paths for its followers to heed in order to obtain a sense of oneness.

First, they must undergo the technique maintained by Paramhansa Yogananda which simply involves a spiritual practice of Kriya. Then, they must learn how to open their minds and hearts to certain possibilities. After which, they should follow the Ananda technique which involves energization poses, the Aum meditation technique, the Hong-Sau concentration technique, and finally the Kriya technique.

Final Verdict

It is worth noting though that the ultimate effects of Kriya Yoga can’t be obtained in just a matter of days or weeks. The truth is, the process involved in the practice may take about a year or more, depending on the level of interest paid by the student.

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