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Depression Treatment: Pick Yoga over Medications for Anti-depression

Summary: Depression is an ailment affecting about 10% of the Nation. However what could be more of a concern are the side effects that may apply to most depression medications. Consequently, it may be best to seek alternative methods of depression treatment. One stand-out is Yoga. Let’s learn how it can help us today, shall …

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Chair Yoga

  There are a lot of forms of yoga, and although Chair Yoga is not formally recognized as a yoga type, it is generally used to identify a milder yoga form which is performed through being seated in a chair or the use of a chair as support while standing. It is distinct from other …

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Best Yoga Position?

Summary: Yoga has simple and effective body movements that strengthen one’s back, firm the stomach, and redistribute body weight. Yoga exercises stretch and tone the body muscles. They increase endurance and improve flexibility. Yoga Asanas or positions are the best among all exercises for toning muscles, lubricating joints and massaging the body. Yoga postures bring …

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