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My name is Kitty Smith, an accountant by day, a blogger by night. My website is about fitness and productivity, how to get an active and healthy routine.

I am passionate about yoga practice, believing fitness and health are EVERYTHING to support you a happy and successful life. So I always seek ways to keep myself fit and active, go to the gym 5 days a week in the morning, practise yoga whenever I find time, and read about successful people’s fitness routine and healthy habit.

One of my favorite sayings from an online entrepreneur Theodore, in his Practical Psychology YouTube channel:

5 Favorite Daily Habits of Successful People that you can easily COPY

(you can see this YouTube video yourself here, this is not an affiliate link)

1) Wake up early
2) Morning workout
3) Daily reading
4) Meditation
5) Eat and Sleep right

I strongly agree to these and I myself get up early in the morning at 5.30am on weekdays, (not managed weekend yet…). Morning workout with yoga has already benefited me in many ways so I highly recommend this one! You will be much more energetic and positive when you have boosted your body with oxygen and flexed your muscles after your yoga workout, trust me on this one!

The Daily reading ritual is not an easy one, but I use Audible to help me by listening to books in the car while I am driving, or listen while I am doing laundry etc, which is a little bit of cheating, but it works just as well for me. The meditation routine for me is a daily plan step, I don’t manage to do it daily, but when I do, I find my days are so much more productive than those days I don’t.

The last good habit of Eat and Sleep right is my challenge point at the moment. I don’t get enough sleep when I lose tracking time while I use my phone to do social media promotion. This is a really BAD habit! But I do believe I will get this right and in return, a good daily habit will help me setting up a realistic goal, and achieve it whatever it is in the end!

Since I discovered WordPress as an online tool to build a virtue communication vehicle in 2016, I am amazed at how technology has changed the way how people connect to each other. I’m hoping to reach more like-minded people through this vehicle and build upon it an online society through an amazing affiliate marketing platform I discovered recently  – Wealthy Affiliate, share online business knowledge and learn together, so we can ultimately achieve our life goal!

I also blog on Working Mum Kitty which is a family lifestyle blog, do visit if you are interested in that subject.

– Kitty Smith

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